I’m Ibrahim an experienced Biomedical Scientist both in the private and public sectors.

I’ve had the privilege of working at some top institutions such as the Igbinedion University Teaching Hospital, Okada; Federal Psychiatric Hospital, Yaba; State Hospital, Ogbomoso, and Mobihealth International during which I’ve acquired a couple of skills.

My ability to design research investigation and carry out independent experiments and research coupled with the ability to source, assess, and analyse scientific, technical and medical literature helped me design and carry out a seminar work and a thesis for my undergraduate degree in which I had a ‘B’ grade.

As Medical Laboratory Scientists, our work is the bedrock of patient care and treatment and, as a result, our investigations must be thoroughly carried out to ensure accuracy and precisions. To ensure this, there is a need for quality control of laboratory investigations and a balanced quality management system to ensure top quality of everything in the laboratory. In my present employment, I deputise for the Quality Control Officer. This has helped me greatly sharpen my skills in the aspect of the Quality Management System.

My years in practice has helped me acquire the skills of developing SOPs and Job Aids and following it to the letter. I played a leading role in the development of SOPs and job aids in my current employment which is just starting up.

Proper maintenance of scientific equipment is also vital in clinical practice. I have had the privilege of working with and maintaining some equipment such as MIC PCR machine, Techstar extraction machine, Full Blood Count Analysers, and GeneXpert but to mention a few.

One vital skill a scientist must possess is the ability to make informed decisions and judgments from results of laboratory investigations, as I continue to practice, I sharpen my prowess in this.  

As a professional, I’ve had to give a series of presentations and explanations on analytical, scientific and clinical topics to a variety of audiences such as patients, scientific colleagues and my managers.

One position I have always found myself in is being saddled with leadership responsibilities. In high school, I was appointed the Student President during which I increased the visibility of my school through participation in interschool competitions. As an undergraduate, I was appointed to the position of director of a committee for two consecutive sessions. During my National Youth Service, I was appointed as the President of a Community Development Service Group during which I organised two HIV counselling and testing sessions. Perhaps, the interesting thing about all these appointments is that came on merits and based on my exploits and qualities displayed.

My several leadership experiences have helped me not only to lead people but to also be able to organise, plan, coordinate and monitor people with assigned tasks to deliver. To sharpen my leadership skills, I’ve taken two leadership courses – Leadership and Management in Health with the University of Washington and Leadership, Management, and Productivity Development with the Institute of Management Leadership and Productivity Development, Nigeria. These have helped me greatly to understand leadership better.

In all of my practice years, I have learnt that a tree does not make a forest. The importance of teamwork cannot be overemphasised and one of the key factors to have contributed greatly to my success when I am appointed to leadership roles is effective teamwork.

As scientists, indeed we must be able to handle patients’ samples with care, and chemicals and hazardous reagents safely. Careful handling was one of the vital skills I learned at the early stage of my career.

My experiences have helped me acquire skills such as systemic diagnosis, good laboratory practice, problemsolving skills, critical thinking, research, creativity, project management, management and leadership, and communication and networking skills.

Outside the medical world, I spend time in the literary world. I also enjoy mentoring and coaching, and I look forward to someday developing expertise in People Development and Life Coach. I also offer freelance writing services in the health niche. Feel free to reach out.

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