Lion Heart - My Submissions

Lion Heart - My Submissions


We all know that movie that has consistently been in the news since mid 2018 or thereabouts, no need doing any introduction. So after all the positive reviews, comments and all, especially after that very short conversation with a friend I had to see the movie.

Although, I don’t see the movie to be spectacular but I’ll say it’s dope. Also, there are some things I noticed and love about the movie which makes it far better than most of all the Nigerian movies I’ve seen in a while.

In no particular order I outline below.

The cast of the movie: Unlike most other movies the cast were exquisite. Like Kunle Afolayan, She got people who fitted perfectly into the role, and not the usual ‘fit them’ into the role. Also, the cast there were people who naturally speak the languages they spoke in the movie. This differs from others who would just get anyone to fit into any role and start twisting his/her tongue.

selected cast of Lion Heart

The Spoken English: One of the annoying things about the English sector of the Nigerian movie industry is the pattern of English they often speak. In most of these movies the cast are always made to turn and twist their tongues in the bid of speaking the Queens’ or American English, thus, making it difficult for some viewers to enjoy watching. Even though, we were colonized by the British, we should not remain slaves forever. This Genevieve corrected.

The use of Local Language and Portray of a true Nigerian Family setting: Genevieve in her movie portrayed what a Nigerian family looks like and their conversational style and language. That is, the kind of discussion families have while eating or when gathered together, their manner of discussion and language choice and so on.

The Location: It’s about time Nigerian movies show more of the beautiful cities in Nigerian. Her choice of Enugu and Kano for the location makes it real.

The Promotion of Innoson Motors: No one will, or do a good job to, promote us and what we do better, than ourselves. Her use of an Innoson car should be commended, it’s good both for the company and the country. I hope her colleagues will follow suit, and also the Nigerian people.

Correction of the North — East Hostility: For many who don’t know, it is believed that the Northern and Eastern part of Nigeria are hostile towards each other and would not want to have anything to do with each other, either in marriage, business or anything whatsoever. Yes, there might be some hostilities due to the 1996 Coup and the Civil War but it is not as bad as it is being painted. Thanks to Genevieve for telling a truer version of what is known about the North-East relationship.

The dubious act of the Igbo: While it is well known that our Igbo brothers are fan of shady deals and pirating. This, however, is not a trait of all Igbos.

Indigenousness: When you watch Lion Heart one thing you must appreciate is the indigenousness of the movie. Even though, there was a subtitle, it definitely didn’t do justice to the translation of the local languages spoken in the movie.

On a final note, I wish to send a warning to Mr Kunle Afolayan to watch his back as he now has a true and strong competitor in Madam Genevieve Nnaji.

Note: this piece was originally published on Medium on February 10, 2019

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