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Nigeria at fifty nine (59): The Sun Will Rise Again

Oh! Finally it’s Sunrise?
The much awaited new day is here.
The leaves are awaken, covered in moist
The Grasses are green again
The rivers are now flowing again
The animals are looking lively, hale and hearty
And the people are all full of smiles

Oh! Wait
Something is wrong
It seems everything has been an illusion

My vision has become crystal clear
It’s still the thick complete darkness of the night
With no moonlight
Or twinkling stars

The people are in complete darkness
Struggling to grapple with what’s happening
It seems they’ve now been left to their fate

The darkness increases
Still no beacon of hope
The heat has also intensify
Everyone sweating profusely

Agitation, Frustration, Anger, Intolerance everywhere.
Everyone asking
Will we ever see the dawn again?
Will we ever see the sun rise again?
When shall it be?

O Fellow Compatriots
Let’s not despair or become despondent
Let’s have some faith, say a little prayer
And keep the beacon of hope alive

For, someday, with our very eyes
We shall see the break of dawn again
We shall see the sun rise again

The leaves will come alive again, moistened
The grasses will be green again
The rivers will flow again.
The animals will be back to live, healthier
And we the people will all be full of smiles again.


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