60 together

Nigeria @ 60: The Journey So Far


Lawal S. and Moshood

From the Shackles of her captivator

She broke free, gently and politely


Then elegantly rose high

High above her peers in the land of the Blacks

Like the Eagle would amongst other birds

And the Lion amongst other animals


Her beauty flourished radiantly

Even more than that of a Peacock


Her Kingdom grew

In Strength, Might and Power

Becoming a pillar for her peers


Her pastures flourished, evergreen

Her rivers ceaselessly flowed

The animals were large and healthy

And her people gleeful and happy


But this tranquil state was not one to stay

For great evil, from outside and within

Found its way back to her kingdom


There was a revolution

And her rulers presided with fist of iron

Her people whether innocent or guilty

Were tortured and murdered


Then came the war

Which left so much damage in its wake

But her people were determined

To repair their land for humanity’s sake

And so once again got strengthened by Unity

For it will take more to break the spirits

Of a people so strong and united


But evil is never fully defeated

It found its way back

In the form of tribalism and corruption

In the form of greed, nepotism, injustice and more


Evil has once again befallen Her land

And it’s wreaking havoc

The hearts of her people

Is now filled with hatred and disgust for one another

And a love for wealth, power, greed and things of irrelevance


Her land is no longer at ease

It is no longer at peace

The children can neither eat nor sleep

For the land is no longer safe

No longer sacred

People die and their blood wasted

Their hunger is one that is never sated

This is a hunger for power and wealth

They have forgotten that they also need good health

And all that exist shall someday end


The land thirsts for peace

It weeps for redemption

And cries for salvation

For her pride is gone

Her Strength, Might and Power have diminished

Her beauty has sunk skin-deep

Her pastures are no longer evergreen

Her rivers are fast drying

Her animals now thin and sick

Her people now perilous, depressed and pitiful


And what used to be the envy of all

And a pillar to Her peers

Is now a shadow of herself.


But all hope is not lost

I see rays of light

Her people need only to listen to Her Pleas

For the key to redemption is not far away

But right in their palms.


60 and still together

GOD Bless Nigeria

Lawal S.
Pisces, Female, Muslim, Biological Scientist, Virologist in the making, Advocate for Gender Equality, Food and Nature Lover, Writer, Poet, Unrepentant Bookworm

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